Bridging the Gap:

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    Supporting Early Education in our Community Pays off Today and Tomorrow!    

Intelligence and social skills are essential for a successful life and both develop the first 2000 days of life. More than one million new neural connections form every second during this time. Those neurons are the foundation upon which all learning and behaviors depend on.

Just how important is a good preschool education? If a child arrives to kindergarten intellectually and socially unprepared, research shows there is no proven way to make up for this deficit. . However, higher quality preschool education can prevent this critical achievement gap from forming.

    Supporting Working Families     

Many working families face a “fiscal cliff” – if they are just above 150% of the poverty rate, they cannot qualify for and access any childcare subsidies from the state. Bridging the Gap supports low-income working parents earning up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.  Families residing in the NRV with 3 - 5 year old children will be able to apply for sliding scale scholarships in Virginia Quality childcare centers or Virginia Quality family home providers. 

    Emma's Story    

Young Emma’s family struggled.  Sadly, her mother was a casualty of our community’s drug crisis.  Her father assumed sole care for Emma, but his income was sporadic.

Their bright spot was Emma’s placement (with local government assistance) at a quality preschool.  This gave Emma reliable quality care that nurtured her and prepared her educationally and socially for school.

Then Emma’s dad got a better job, paying $12 an hour.  Unfortunately, this pay raise made Emma ineligible for childcare assistance but continuing at this center would have cost Emma’s father more than one third of his gross income.

Emma’s story takes a happy twist as other parents at her preschool raised a partial scholarship so she could stay at her high-quality center.  Her father is thankful and Emma continues to develop as a well-adjusted five year-old who is looking forward to starting kindergarten.

With Bridging the Gap scholarship assistance, low income working families like Emma's will have access to sliding scale scholarships for quality childcare and education.   Bridging the Gap builds a better future and community for children and for all of us.

    How YOU can help:    

Your generous support makes Bridging the Gap possible. Help us develop our talent, and strengthen our community!


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